Dear India Parents, your daughter’s social life is equally important

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Few weeks ago, I met a forgotten friend. Eyes were narrowed in recognition and smiles were exchanged at recollection. Even though both of us would have been at ease  to continue to remain oblivious of each other’s existence ; with regards to the friendly bond once shared,  we  mutely conceded  to fabricate a genuine interest in one another’s stories. Eventually, plans were made and we decided to go out for a movie.

While in a queue to buy tickets for our show, my friend good-naturedly confessed, “You know, this is my first time in the movie theater”. “How come?”, I asked with feigned interest. “Well, my parents have this weird theory that girls who go for  movies are morally lacking.  Somehow they figured that girls who have a social life is debauched”, she remarked as an afterthought. Too impatient to acknowledge my open mouthed disbelief, she hurtled towards the designated screen. The following two hours went in utter silence, during which it dawned on me, I was being a subjected to an act of concealed rebellion.



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