BMM: Much ado about nothing?

Being a Gemini gives you the luxury to come across as someone who is fickle-minded, indecisive and easily uninterested.  As a consequence, my inclination to make decisions in a spur of moment would be the only feasible excuse for siding with BMM after my HSC.  Save for the future wherein I turn out to be an illustrious and celebrated personality, I would continue to meticulously rue the day I decided taking up Mass Media as my plausible career option. Striking remark, innit? Well, earnest regret demands jarring words.

One may ask, what’s wrong with BMM? And while I’m compiling a list of everything decisively off the mark with BMM, somewhere an argument may pop up and remind me how anyone not in possession of talent (that would be me)  shouldn’t be permitted to cry foul over the incongruity of a course which is specifically created for the creatively sound and artistically gifted. Therefore, before you lambast me for defaming or demeaning the average and the creative (which, by the way, is not my intention), I would want to make this absolutely clear that whatever I am to elucidate in due course is derived from my personal experience, ensuing from my private dissatisfaction with the course of my interest. Hence, when I venture out to say that BMM was not worth 3 years, I exclusively speak for myself.


The course is nothing like they promise you. It is sold to you on the idea of practical knowledge, the sort that will adequately prepare you for the real world. However, reflecting on the last few years, the amount of knowledge I grasped was directly proportional to the number of meaningful internships I managed to acquire of my own accord. And given the fact that I  had the privilege of working just thrice, (notwithstanding the time when I naively ended up working in the response dept. of a media firm, which is nothing but a euphemism for call center, only poorly compensated), I consider myself to be pretty dim-witted and unprepared to face the inevitable mauling of reality.

No, I have nothing against working and learning during graduate years. In fact, I believe that experience is the best teacher. But my point here is, if everything I am going to learn about my field of interest is through internships, then, why should I waste a considerable amount of money (Yes, BMM is an expensive course to sustain) on a degree that taught me no more than to indulge in petty class politics during inter-collegiate fests (although, I won’t lie, I cherished this part). Why, rather not go for specialized course in the desired field along with a relatively cheaper and much more profound bachelor’s degree?

I know for the majority three years of BMM would be the best thing ever. Truthfully, if this wouldn’t have been my concluding months before I become a media graduate, I might have been raving the same. But now, as my conveniently sheltered bubble pops open, and reality slowly begins to sneak in, the years swiftly passed in enjoyment and ignorance seem to be somewhat wasted. And frankly, a tussle with discontentment is difficult to win.


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