Reasoning comes first!

Source: Pixabay

Government that once was so deliberate in its actions, seem to have now lost its game plan. With controversies and high profile scams tainting the party’s  holier-than-thou projected demeanour, the government has yet again managed to achieve a new low in the theatre of absurd.

The Indian government’s saintly mission to tidy up the internet by imposing a crackdown on pornographic content, and thereby denying its citizen the basic right that the constitution good-heartedly ensued, was met with much indignation throughout the spectrum of humanity. By supplying internet companies with a list of more than 850 websites that had to be blocked, the government once again showcased its ineptitude when it comes to making informed decision and taking appropriate measures.

Over following days, amid a rampant controversy over ban on 857 websites, government attempted to undo all the
embarrassment by passing the buck to the Internet service providers, alluding that it intended to restrict only those sites hosting child pornography. In an attempt to make amends for the classic goof up that caused much public outrage, the government issued the ISPs to unblock all the other sites.  However, laying the onus on the government for specifying the URLs to be unblocked, the Internet service providers (ISPs) politely distance themselves from becoming a scapegoat in this apparent battle against democracy heralded by the NDA regime. The fiasco seems to have no immediate end in the sight. However owing to the amount of flak that it has generated for the government at the time when it could do with public’s goodwill, the ruling party might want to tread  carefully next time before it conceives a brand new plan as to how hurl India back into the regressive ages.